Male Human Monk


A 5’10" man with tanned skin, brown eyes, and no hair to speak of. An ugly dark birthmark rests on his right cheek and his muscular frame weighs in at 150lbs. Hando can frequently be seen wearing a loose fitting tunic and sandals, carrying a staff in his hands.


Born into slavery to Zhanagorr, the elder kraken in the state of Wanshou Hando’s early life was filled with routine. He was given the task of catching fish for the weekly offering to Zanagorr which kept him away from the other children. Originally given the task due to an unsightly birthmark on under his right eye which was deemed undesirable it became apparently that he had a knack for catching fish. He rarely returned without enough for both the tithe and dinner. Hando’s secret was that he didn’t use a spear or pole to catch his fish. He would wade into the water and wait for the fish to become acclimatized to his presence and then using his exceptional reflexes he would snatch them with his hands or feet.

When he was nine years of age, a caravan arrived in Wanshou by way of boat. Within the caravan were a group of monks, disciples of Abadar, who were looking for one youngling to bring into their ranks. The monks held a small melee on the seashore to test those wishing to join. Hando was intrigued by the display and soon found himself on the sidelines observing the older boys and girls who entered the contest. Being no stranger to the wagers that go with games Hando soon found himself trading fish for copper while placing bets on the matches. One of the monks, a Tian-la by the name of Zuen took notice of Hando’s behavior and step behind him. Feigning an accidental nudge, he pushed Hando into the center of the circle, causing him to challenge the currently reining candidate, a young woman named Meiko. Hando, somewhat panicked at the realization that he not only was now the center of attention in this group but also about to fight someone with four years and 10kg on him did the unexpected.

Meiko, an urchin fighting for a way out of Zhanagorr was no stranger to a good brawl and lunged at Hando forcefully. Hando quickly sidestepped the advance while bringing his elbow into the small of her back into the same relative place one would hit the back side of a crab to break its shell. The blow stunned Meiko causing her to drop to her knee in amazement and pain. Hando, fearing her counter attack quickly moved in front of her and summoning a force from deep within struck her square in the jaw, knocking her unconscious in a single blow. The action so astounded the crowd nobody else stepped into the ring and Hando was chosen to accompany the Abadar monks on their journey.

Saying good-bye to his family Hando soon set off for the deserts of Shanguang where he lived among the Tian-La as an apprentice, learning the ways of Abadar. The monks moved with trade caravans throughout the deserts of eastern Tian Xia near the Wall of Heaven. Through his youth Hando trained hard, made many deals, had a few adventures, grew to be a skilled disciple of Abadar.

One day, while camping in the foothills of the Wall of Heaven a strange visitor wandered into camp. An ugly, short, but stout and strong man. He claimed to be Tian-La, though the caravan doubted that as most of its members were Tian-La from one place or another and none had seen any that looked like this man. Announcing himself as Quaychin he was quick to purchase, at face value with no negotiation, many items that most strangers would not have batted an eye at. This piqued the interest of the disciples of Abadar who above all seek to bring trade to the wilderness and other uncivilized places. After some conversation, boasting, and drink, Quaychin convinced some of the monks that his use of marital arts and mind-games was superior to their technique and he’d be willing to prove it if they were so inclined to place a little wager on it.

The monks, eager to prove their superiority to this outsider who looked no fairer than the backside of an ox quickly agreed. Several rounds of melee took place after which time the monks had been beaten, mostly fairly by Quaychin. Until this moment, Hando had been watching appreciatively at the stranger who was teaching some of the less wise members of his order that it is not wise to lose one’s head. Unfortunately, at this point Quaychin realized that Hando’s shaved head, simple robe, and purposeful stance meant he was also part of the monks order. Quaychin turned his attention to attempting to goad Hando into taking part in the wager. Hando, attempting to stay out of what his youngers had started was informed by one of the young monks that they had foolishly bet considerably more than they had to the stranger. If Hando didn’t step in, and win, they were not sure what sort of payment he might take in exchange but it was likely to be unpleasant.

Hando, deciding that this was not the time to try and teach the young monks about supply and demand, stepped in. Quaychin proved to be a skilled adversary but after much effort Hando defeated him, though he is uncertain of Quaychin simply decided to end the bout as he seemed more skilled than the win would signify.

After getting another drink Quaychin approached Hando offering him a handful of gems for his win and a proposition. Being the most skilled member of this group he invited Hando to join him on an adventure. Quaychin provided a pre-prepared map and confessed the contest was more about finding someone suitable for the task than about who’s martial arts techniques were superior to the others. This confirmed Hando’s suspicion that Quaychin was more skilled than he let on.

Hando agreed to meet Quaychin at the appointed place and set out for adventure…


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